Training Opportunities

SWVTC offers one day of generalized training focused on supporting individuals with complex needs to anyone who plans to serve individuals moving from our facility. Please follow the link below to register for our next Generalized Training session.

Register for Generalized Training session

Are you thinking about furthering your education?

Recently, Faith James sent some new information for the new year, 2017, concerning a new site that provides greater insight, offers more information and most importantly sorts through all the different scholarship platforms that are available to students. This resource focuses on what students should know before they apply, how each platform works and how you may find as many scholarship opportunities as possible. Please feel free to check it out along with some of the top Online Colleges..

The following resources are provided to help students, families, and educators understand the online education landscape as well as breaking down top online programs across the United States.

Because of their non-biased approach and focusing only on not-for-profit public and private higher education institutions, they have become a valuable resource for governmental entities like the Surry County High School and the Town of Bedford, Virginia.

Health Services Network

The Health Services Network supports people who live in the community by providing specialized dental, behavioral, psychiatric and other clinical services. Click here for more information.


Admissions are through the Community Services Board review process. All admissions are voluntary.

Living Arrangements

Living arrangements are primarily cottages or dormitory-style buildings as near homelike as possible.

Individually Planned Program

An individualized program emphasizing education, self-help, employment, habilitation, and behavioral support is planned after development of an Individual Support Plan. SWVTC’s goal is to help provide supports to enable an individual to live an independent and functional life.

Self-Help Training

Qualified residential services staff provide support in the areas of bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, grooming, basic hygiene and social skills.

Behavioral Support

Licensed psychologists and psychiatrists provide assessments, develop plans, provide ssistance, counseling, and support services.

Work Training

Residents may participate in work activity programs or community-based workshops to promote work habits and skills. Our goal is to have a paying job for every person living at SWVTC. Our support staff teach necessary skills and techniques to successfully earn wages.

Therapy Programs

SWVTC has physical and occupational therapy programs staffed by licensed physical and occupational therapy professionals. Specialized training in communication and music is provided by certified speech and language pathologists and music therapists.

Family Training

An integral goal of SWVTC is to enable individuals to succeed in the community environment. Parents and guardians are encouraged to become involved in supporting individuals. Technical assistance/training for parents, guardians, and other caregivers is available.

Program Oversight

To assure services are responsive to individual needs, programs are periodically reviewed by qualified professionals. Supports addressing behavioral issues are approved and monitored by the Specially Constituted Committee.

Advocacy Program

A Human Rights Advocate safeguards the rights of residents.

Respite Services

Respite services are available if space permits. Contact your local Community Services Board for more information.

If you would like additional information, please contact

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